Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 Prime Time Tip Sheet June 10/11

I gave Dalanna Carter and Kami Phillips there on little deal simply because the 2023 players went at it and put their respective teams on their backs and it gave me a chance to see two young players I've written about numerous times already as they haven't even played their first MS game

Carter simply can take over games at will, she gets to the basket with ease, nice floater under pressure and can score outside but the thing that she does more importantly than anything else is make her teammates better which are definitely attributes you want to have

Phillips athleticism enabled her to do a variety of things early but she's thinking the game even more and as she handles the ball under pressure well, she also looking to make the play and take the shot under pressure which she did and nailed it numerous times

Here are some of the other talented young ladies from the event