Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shooting For Success showed me a lot #TJShowcase

Okay let me take off the gloves on this one because first of all, I truly admire and get what David Jones (The Shot Doctor) is doing with his Shooting For Success program. He had one of the best players in Texas, 2016 Mailee Jones, who just transferred to Chicago state, story coming, and she WAS one of the best in that class and I don't GA, whatever letter you want to use to finish the acronym, please do so now, what anyone else has said or thinks, I keep it real, always have, always will and I haven't made it to All Eyez On Me yet

Morgan Rodriguez is a throwback player, she simply put on a show Sunday afternoon scoring with players on her back. Taylor Leal handles the ball well under pressure while Jordan Ozene does that and shoots the three. Solid play from both Daijah Barton and Schyanne Garino , along with Magen Hocker helped the team to keep the intensity up throughout the tournament

Zoe Faustino and Tonesha Rahming's athleticism brought heat on defense but both showed they could score, really loved this team just getting after it baseline to baseline while Cassie Bell was simply impressive on both ends of the floor in the paint. She's strong, athletic, battles for everything, defends and scores and all of that is simply throwback stuff that sometimes gets overlooked by the "novice" who think they know but I'm not a novice, at least at this,  which is why Dyana Offutt will be on the ever so important TJ Showcase Tip Sheet coming soon on

Also I will be at The Shot Doctor's camp in September, more on that coming soon so stay tuned