Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lady Thunder add lightning to #TJShowcase

Nothing is as good as having a travel ban lifted and when you crossover to different areas, you get to see a wide variety of players that you may not have or will see. Fortunately for me, I had already seen Lady Thunder stars Frances King, Alexys King and Kasey Jo Hinton when they played for a Bryan area team called TWELVE and I had also seen them at several A&M games when they were babies but they're not babies anymore.

 '19 Alexys always was strong and physical on both ends, as well as athletic however she's added so much to her game on both ends of the court that she simply left me speechless at times. Let me stay on the 2019 players for a moment, Taryn Wills just blew me away, she's athletic out of this world and can score but her ability to elevate and hang in the air is as good as any player in the state. Kierstyn Rossow has size, a shade under 6'0 and can face the basket and score and another former TWELVE player, Sierra Reismeier wasn't there but I'll catch her later at the Flava, hopefully yall caught that rhyme

Frances King has always amazed me, always talkative and definitely a thinker on and off the court and I hadn't seen her in a ouple of years but man was I impressed. That midrange definitely is college level, again trust me, but she's athletic and can grab the snag the ball out of the air, wait, that's in the picture but the picture ain't clear because she definitely brings heat on D. When you talk about aggressiveness and defense, Kimberly Nwaneri does that with ease while Dyani Wilson has shown me she can light it up from outside and that along with her athleticism makes her a threat

I used to call Kasey Jo Hinton RED , not because the Blacklist is based on anything her, even though it's my favorite show she immediately became one of my favorite players back in the day because you just couldn't outwork her, so maybe RED tiers in. She's still that way, strong in the paint, defends, rebounds and scores when needed. Danielle Byers is a player that simply makes things happen, plenty of thunder and lightning quick with plenty of upside. Okay everything I've said is true, lock it in your memory banks because I will always keep it real and with that being said 6'1 Marilyn Nzoiwu is a definite must so she'll be on the Tip Sheet coming up later