Monday, June 26, 2017

Houston Hoops rollin and ready for July #TJShowcase #I10TuneUpShowcase

I think the above picture sort of gives you a clue on Mya Crump the talented 2018 player who can play multiple positions,, well all and I mean well, trust me and when I lay this on you, she's 6'1, long and athletic and just simply amazes me which is why she has made numerous Tip Sheets I've wrote on events she's played in and let me say this, she's a Tip Sheet waiting to happen so no matter what anyone else hasn't said, when I tell you she's one of the top players in the 2018 class and I;m not just talking about Texas, well just trust me


Definitely got a good look at both the Hoops Red and Grey squads at Tyrone Johnson and an even better look at Red this past weekend at the I-10 Tune Up Showcase during #AllEyezOnYou month so the heat from Coretta Hopkins and Madison Lucas was definitely a pleasure to see. Both are athletic guards that can defend and scoore, the improved play from Dymond Taylor continues to impress me as well as Tamia Horton who at 6'2 is filling many voids as she expands her game. Kayla Cobb played, how did I tweet it, like she was possessed and no exorcism would stop her from being on this weeks Tip Sheet from the I-10 Tune Up and guess what, check out Crump and Kirsten Beasley on last weeks Tip sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase