Monday, June 26, 2017

TFP to say the least was exciting #TJShowcase

Talk about talented players but that 2022 and 2023 group of TFP players definitely had quite a few. On the 2023 squad, Molly Ly definitely caught my eye as well as another player I can't name due to an ongoing investigation of being a guest player, no don't ask cause I'm old school and I just can't but she's legit as well. Loved the No Justice No Peace duo of Kanye and Avonnie Justice who created havoc on the inside scoring and defending,

Senaida Barrientos and Natasha Stafford were the younger members of the squad, loved heat Barrientos brought as much as the pull-up from Stafford. Also super energy from Ashton Whelem, but the talent on this squad was all over. Marciza Ward and Lanay Fuller kept the pressure going while Elexus Cooper's ability to attack and knock down the midrange over and over was definitely on point. Speaking of point, Ashunti Cooper, not sure if they're related as well joined Ly on the Tip Sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase