Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally Westbury Christian's Banfield enters high school

I've been waiting on Marissa Banfield to enter high school for what seems like an eternity after watching her on video when she was around 10. Banfield is one of the top point guards, wait, players in the Texas 2017 class and with her upside and smarts, there is no telling how far this team will go because we all know where the game starts, if not, I'll set up a Q&A link on Pay Pal

Tyra Cormier, Sara Bailey and Sarah William are the new faces that will also be on hand to team with sharpshooter Hannnah Cambell. Bailey is somewhat of a sharpshooter herself and when you look at Banfield's ability to light em up, I'll be seeing a lot of Coach Bailey's team this season. Williams brought a lot of energy on D at The Last Run, in fact I've been watching all of these young ladies with the exception of Bailey for quite a while.

Cormier is turning into the player I anticipated and, well just check the Tipper

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