Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tompkins one of favorites in 2015 #SBISDTourney

Let's see, you have the Goss twins, Kendall Rollins, Brittany Panetti, Sydney Makowski and a host of other talented players on Tompkins squad that if they remain healthy throughout the year, could conceivably make a run at Seven Lakes for the district title. To be honest, I haven't seen everyone in the district but based on who I think is where, those teams should be the front-runners which leads me to believe the Falcons have to be one of the favorites to win the SBISD Tournament

Panetti, a former GPR Under The Radar player, landed nicely on her feet after coming back from an ACL injury and the 6'3 forward/post committed to New Mexico after numerous offers and is definitely one of the top players over six feet in Texas  read more

Westside, Cy Falls and Klein Forest were in the mix with Tompkins at last seasons SBISD Tournament but all will have a different look either from graduation, Westside and Klein Forest or early season injuries, Cy Falls , however I've become accustomed to expecting the unexpected so you never know how things play out this early but it should be a good event