Monday, October 19, 2015

1A Chireno leaves lasting impression #ItsAllAboutTheGirls

I love watching teams do two things, one battle and two, not back down from anyone and 1A Chireno definitely came to Humble on Saturday and battled 5A Humble and 6A Klein Oak in the inaugural, that means first, "It's All About The Girls" event held at The Gym

I went on and on about Lainey Lee on Twitter Saturday,  I've watched her and her older sister play for some time now and I knew both had the ability to play somewhere at the next level at an early ages. What I didn't know is how well Double L shot the long ball, she made 97 three pointers last season and the way she started the first game off with four or five in the first half, I was just dumbfounded and scratching my head.

Lee has a good frame and can stroke the long ball but several key players fill in the missing pieces and if this team stays healthy, they could make a deep run in the playoffs all the way to Austin, wait, I mean San Antonio. One of those pieces is the "you won't outwork me" mentality Chloe Woodson brings to the table and with a scrappy group of surrounding players that play within themselves, it was refreshing to see this team in person