Sunday, October 18, 2015

Klein Oak impressive in #ItsAllAboutTheGirls inaugural event

I knew Klein Oak would be better than the previous seasons simply because of talented freshman Elizabeth Scott, a young lady I tagged "Great Scott while she was in the 6th grade. I saw her Fire and Desire and even without Teena Marie hitting the high notes, I knew this young lady was a HIT. Fast forward to what seems like an eon ago and the young lady, who was a 5 that I thought could play a 3 in college now how's me second guessing that because her improved ball-handling and outside shooting not to mention BB-IQ, has me thinking she just might be able to play some 1 and 2 to go with that 3 and 4 and that my friends is double platinum

I truly got a kick out of watching this team, Nia Gusman did plenty of damage in the paint and faced the basket for points several times plus Marci Gabrielse definitely opened my eyes with a couple of deep step backs. I'll catch KO, probably in the Conroe Tournament, as they attempt to throw a TKO and with this squad being led by several talented players other than Scott, they are going to do some damage along the way. Scott, Anna Singer and Randi Blackburn all made the Tip Sheet from yesterday and you can read it here