Saturday, October 31, 2015

Murray State College mixes it up

One thing I love to see is explosive teams that can put up numbers quickly, especially when the weather is changing from nice to gloomy and you know a storm is brewing. Murray State College showing they had an arsenal of weapons and as bad as the weather was yesterday, watching five or six of their players flooding the nets with threes should have been an omen for today's onslaught of rain rising all over the city

A couple of their players really stood out, 5'3 PG Jordan Garver simply was someone that definitely kept my glued to her after she crossed a player and in the same motion spun between two defenders for a lay-up, people love to talk about this or that but when players have the ability to do things instinctively, that's always a plus. Garver also dropped numerous threes while her pin point passes accounted for numerous baskets. Nigerian Amaka Nwakamma's athleticism is through the roof and watching her in the open court definitely was something to see. She got to the rim wherever she wanted, that first step is a killer and with her speed and acceleration, she got to the line for several and one opportunities