Monday, October 5, 2015

Jaelyn Richard-Harris commits to SEC program

One or thing you can always bet on is that I will pull for the underdog especially if #sizedontmtter plays into it and the first time I saw Jaelyn Richard-Harris at Dekaney as a freshman, I knew she had something going for her however when I caught her with the Houston Lady Roadrunners that same summer, there was no doubt she would be a D1 player.

Richard simply blew up this past summer with AD Elite however if you follow me, I said two years ago she was the best PG in the area and I based that on not only heart and desire but basketball IQ and the will to want to do what a true PG can do, make her teammates better. She can handle under pressure, she can defend but whether her team is up or down 20, she’ll never quit on you and when you have as many attributes as she has, things simply will fall into place

Richard-Harris sent me a thank you note for believing in her as well as putting her out there which was nice but she made everything easy for me and was simply a joy to watch. Several MAJOR D1 schools obviously felt the same way as offers galore were on the table however she decided LSU would be the right fit and I asked her what made her choose the Tigers

“I chose LSU because they presented a challenge. Standing at 5'1 many coaches have discontinued their recruitment with me but they didn’t, they saw something else in me. Not only did they believe in me but they showed that my strive for success, my intensity, my aggressiveness, and my leadership is something they want. Welcoming me with open arms I felt secure & saw myself as a valuable contribution. They let it be known that it won't come easy, but it'll definitely be worth it.”