Thursday, September 17, 2015

Westbury Christian loaded and dangerous for any classification in 2016

Marissa Banfield has plenty of trophies, in fact as a 10 year playing 2 or 3 years up, I knew she would be a trophy as well, as far as the recruiting process goes. The GPR Under The Radar star is definitely on plenty of radars now and as I revisit the shooting performance she put on at the Rice camp,, 8 or 9 3s in a row and missing only a couple out of maybe 15, keep in mind while being guarded, well she's definitely continued to show she's putting in the work. IMHO, she's among the top PGs in the state for the 2017 class, kid is just solid, knows how to run a team yet can takeover when needed

Banfield and Tyra Cormier formed a nice duo last season however, the addition of '17 Laura Daulton, 6'3 and can control the inside as well as '17 Emer Nichols, she's 6'4, has me thinking this Wildcat squad would make the playoffs in probably every 6A district and win the many of them, that's keeping it real from someone that actually knows what they're talking about. Daulton's and Nichols' presence on the inside will free up Cormier to step out to the wing but that has got to be one of the most impressive interior's in the state because they also added 6'2 Mia Perkins