Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clear Springs stays in hunt for 2016 run

Clear Springs has made noise since the doors opened a few years ago and although I don't have time to go through team wins over the past seven years, let it be known that the Chargers have won 198 games, with over 30 wins in three of the past four seasons and for the area, that has to be among if not the top win total during that span. The era of "The Chosen One" had a hand in the majority of those wins however that dynamic 2017 duo of D1 locks Tasharian Robinson and Sierra Cheatham both made the transition to varsity easily as freshmen and are among the top juniors in the state

Big ups to the improvement of several Clear Springs players I caught in the summer, it's not what you do it's who you do it against and even more importantly, who you do it in front of and the Jackson duo, Labraye and Brianna as well as Destini Hall are more than ready to bring that "energy" "heat" or whatever term or phrase you want to use for the trio of seniors that help fuel the fire on both ends of the court.

Janay Redic also came into her own over the summer and with the kind of ball Clear Springs has played like forever, it's always good to have an abundance of weapons but peep this, one of the biggest weapons you want to have is one where the game starts and that's at the one where Dymond Gladney simply came into her own midway through last season and never looked back. The 2018 PG has "yours truly" seal of approval as one of the top points in the 2018 Texas class and what she did over the summer solidified her status and this is yet another team that could get out of here