Monday, September 14, 2015

Seven Lakes ready for challenges ahead in 2016

I've been throwing out a few mini stories o teams that could possibly make runs, please the disclaimer I throw out every year, "I don't know who's where because of incoming freshmen or transfers" but the teams that I have a pretty good idea about are the ones I'm commenting on, as far as with enough firepower to head 1-10 West come March as far as the public schools. Seven Lakes came up 4 points shy of their second Campbell Center appearance in three years losing to Westside in a tough one however the Spartans simply have enough to make it back this season

Cydney Varner is one of the best midrange shooters in the state, I've been saying that the past three seasons, she simply elevates over defenders and creates well of the dribble. Varner and Michelle Foakam provide a 1-2 punch offensively that few teams can handle, Foakam herself plays as if she's over 6 feet however at 5'9 she gets the job done on both ends. Hadassah Bennedoch truly elevated her game the past season, she's actually a shade under the magic number but the athleticism and energy she brings coupled with Foakam is going to definitely be a threat down low

Bailey Brown and Anna Bowman both played huge roles in several of the Spartans games I watched last season, Bowman in fact went off offensively when I saw her in the summer and one thing I know and you should too is that you can never have too much firepower when you're attempting to make run. Solid play from Brooke Bigott  in her freshman season will also be a plus for Seven Lakes this season because one more time, the game starts at the one and usually that helps dictate where a team finishes and this group could actually get out of here