Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thompson ready for next challenge at Northwestern State

If ever I was proud of a player overcoming adversity, Brynae Thompson's named would be among the top of the list. You see I've found out that a lot of this stuff is about everything but the kids and sometimes this has been a detriment to many who just gave up but now BT who showed me as an 8th grader she had plenty of potential, not to mention a left handed stroke that had me watching her drop eight 25 footers in a row in one game while double digit three's in many others but what I loved most of all was her desire to give back and help developmental players in our organization

As a freshmen, she immediately brought respectability back to Jersey Village, a program that had the cities first MDAA Nina Norman and were in thick of it with numerous D1 players like Norman and CoCo Reed (Texas) and the Isom sisters , Brittany and Natasha (Northwestern State) and it appeared they were head back with a solid nucleus in Thompson's group. Nevertheless, that never happened mainly because of pettiness across the board and Thompson finished out her career with Cy Fair who were arguably one of the areas top programs  last season.

Thompson is now ready for her freshman season, she still reminds me of that eager to get after MS balla I caught way, way back and I'm looking forward to seeing her in college. Here's a flashback on what I've said about her game read more