Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hurricanes could become a Category 5 in 2016 run

Okay Hightower lost a Lott from last season, as well as many other teams, but it was going to be Cy Woods' race to lose no matter what anyone else did in 2015, it's just that simple, however this a new day and if everyone is healthy, the Hurricanes could conceivably be the team representing R3 in 6A when you look at the firepower they have on paper.

Jasmine Harvey and Taylor Howard, pictured above, are two of a group of five talented 2017 players that are going to make even more noise than they did last season. Harvey, a long ball extraordinaire and Howard, long and athletic, both had huge games numerous times last season for Hightower

Big summer for Eneily Rodriguez, she was doing something positive every time I saw her in the summer on both ends plus a healthy Treazure Mouton, one of the state's top defenders and Lenecia Mitchell who hasn't really showed what she can do on varsity yet due to the injuries, trust me, she has the package, gives the Hurricanes a solid five that will be in the mix not only this season but the next one as well and all five are definitely next level players at various levels, that's my birthday freebie to you college coaches

I don't know who Hightower has coming in or moving up this season but I definitely know some of their players that would love to go out with a bang in their senior season. Panebi Shirey's length and athleticism created problems on both ends last season as well as her height as she stands over the magic number.

 Rachel Brown showed she could run both the one and the two as well as knock down the long ball, I don't know why I wrote that, I said it when she was in middle school and it ain't like she forgot but let's not forget the explosive Madison Glass who simply bring so much the table from the one on both ends that this group is going to definitely make some noise