Sunday, September 20, 2015

'22 Castillo one of many bright young players of the future

I ventured out the Beltway yesterday to catch a young lady I had heard so much about that I'm just glad I got a chance to see Ameria Castillo in person. Over the summer, she toned her skills with the Lake Houston Angels but the 2022 star had a chance to show me a few things in a co-ed league held at The Gym and to say she was one of the best players on the floor would be putting it mildly

When she walked in the gym, I saw poise and confidence before she even got on the floor and after the first couple of possessions, I knew she had some tools to work with. When you understand the "concept" and simple things of basketball like following your shot and anticipating the pass at a young age, well you're ahead of the game

It also helps if you have speed, love that first step, and she definitely knows how to attack the rim from the wing and being a girl playing against the boys, it's a double plus to not only take the contact but finish after taking it. To sum it up, she's athletic with good BB-IQ, that's definitely ahead of her years, but her ability to see the floor and change directions dribbling in traffic tells me she has a bright future ahead