Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cy Ranch tested and ready for 2016 run

I can't think of any other team that has had to deal with injuries to key players three seasons in a row and still manage to be in the hunt than Cy Ranch. Like the other Mustangs (North Shore) this Mustang squad could easily be the team that represents R3 in the 6A division because of numerous D1 players. High flying Rachel Tapps (UTEP) is coming off of a brilliant summer as she continued to defy gravity and when you throw in that she sometimes sings the National Anthem, well this could be a story within a story itself

The Mustangs also have a couple of the top 2017 players in the state, Deauzya Richards is listed by many services as a national Top 10 lock, if you do your research I think I called that back when she was in the 7th grade wearing those orange shoes and as usual, if I call it someone will answer and she definitely get's off to the challenge. Arianna Whitfield blew up after the summer, I hate to say I told you so, well actually I don't , but Whitfield is a gamer and has turned out to be someone who relishes pressure situations

One of the states top freshmen last year was D'Asia Collins who I knew would be a college player back in the 3rd grade simply because of her mindset and BB-IQ, well also that mental toughness that you can't teach. Well she's continued to raise her game and stock and should be ready after an injury over the summer which is very important since the game starts at the one. Cy Ranch has plenty of firepower, the previous four players have all shown they can score double digits consistently and the way Alyssa Guerrero drops the long ball, that's at least five coming at ya