Thursday, May 11, 2017

Skyrise 2022 #ClutchCityClassic

I definitely got a eyeful from watching this talented young Skyrise squad over the weekend and with so many pieces to several puzzles that have next level and beyond potential. Alanah Pooler is long, rebounds on both ends, finishes strong and can face the basket and score while Peyton Overton has added even more to her game since I had her on the Tip Sheet a little over a month ago and one play, a crossover on the baseline simply was something huge to add to her repertoire but that definitely got my attention. Hannah Jones and Peyton Smith continue to show improvement but so do others

Dai Dai Powell's range and ability to catch and shoot, Kaylie Johnson's speed, with the ball and defense and Hannah Nicholas attacking from everywhere, not to mention her vertical, length and ability to finish but this squad as I stated has several players that will immediately make the transition in HS and become factors along the way almost instantly. Speaking of improvement, I guess one of the most pleasant surprises is watching Taylor Howard who I've had a chance to watch for what seems like forever already yet here she is in the 7th grade but from playing with her back to the basket initially to not only facing the basket to score but defending on the perimeter to go along with everything else , well she's definitely on track

Let me say this, all bets are off on Nya Threatt, the tools she possesses at this stage are definitely scary, she scores multiple ways, she handles the ball under pressure, sees the floor and defends and with her athleticism and already showing she can take a lick and finish, with all of what she has right now, this young lady is one of many on this squad that not only will do damage in high school but college as well and that's a given. Also a given is the fact that Endiah Lundy has officially been added to the #sizedontmatter list because two things you can't teach, talent and heart and she's on the Tip Sheet from Clutch City Classic