Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lady Sparks Keller help ignite #EliteHoopsShowcase

After years of observing girl's basketball, certain things just pop out at me when I see players for the first time and watching Destinee Simmons handle the ball as well as her mannerisms during warm-ups gave me a clue. This young ;lady is explosive and definitely gets after it, handles the ball under pressure, gets to the rim, scores multiple ways but even more importantly she get's it already on what it takes to run a squad because no matter what any ever tells you, no matter who they are or what they "claim" to have done, the game has and always will start at the one

Destinee wasn't the "only" one that stood out, Suni Davis is already showing poise on the floor, huge upside but she's already creating issues hitting big shots and wanting to take them in crunch time is definitely huge but it just doesn't stop. Three of their players athleticism at this age is scary, especially when you factor in their length and speed, not to mention their desire. Tiona  McCutcheon-Raper left me speechless on one play as she just elevated over everyone to grab a rebound and the way she did it gave me one of those "did she do that" moments. She plays the passing lanes very well and attacks relentlessly plus she finishes and defends

Caitlyn Patterson also did a good job showing she could score, defend and handle the ball under pressure which is all fine and dandy but what really caught me eye even more so was she can create under pressure to get her shot off and these young players as well as some of their other teammates "upside is impressive" and I'll thoroughly enjoy watching their progression over the years. RayMonda Kemp did a little bit of everything and you can catch her on my Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet