Monday, May 22, 2017

A Game Athletics-Ray do it with 4 #EliteHoopsShowcase

Makaila Mensah (ball) & Taiyla Gonzales

One reason I started doing what I do was to give more exposure to what many didn't think was news worthy and that thought hasn't changed much but the bottom line is that my views haven't changed and I always love a news worthy story so watching A Game Athletics Ray perform at Prime Time Sports Elite Hoops Showcase on opening day playing with only four players definitely was news worthy, if only to me

Claudia Valle

Makaila Mensah and Claudia Valle definitely showed they could score, Mensah knows how to create off the dribble while Valle is an athletic wing that gets to the basket with ease. Taiyla Gonzales was strong on the inside, showed she could finish and rebound while Malaya O'Connor dazzled the fans with her ball-handling to get out of jams  and there were plenty of jams with only four

Malaya O'Connor

I didn't stay around for their second game, they were noticeably tired after game one but the effort these four young ladies poured out on the floor was definitely admirable as they fought from the opening buzzer until the end of the game and no matter how you look at it, you can't teach heart