Monday, May 22, 2017

Texas Warriors keep getting better #EliteHoopsShowcase

This was my third time catching the Texas Warriors this season, they definitely got after it on that initial meeting but intensity along with effort will always grab my attention. Kayra Thompson was so impressive that she made the Lone Star Tip Sheet


Avery Morrison is probably not related to Jim but she definitely opens Doors with her ability to see the floor and create off the dribble. She, Thompson and Prisca Conner all bring something to the table from the guard spot as they compliment each other nicely

LaNayia Woodard showed strength and power o inside as well as a nice step back, Makenna Sweet has the right last name because that range was definitely that but the athleticism throughout the club just went on and on. Megon Edward and ZERO definitely brought heat on both ends and the performance from Yasmin Johnson got her on the Tip Sheet