Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AGA-Irving #EliteHoopsShowcase

That old saying of mine TALENT IS EVERYWHERE is something this smooth as silk AGA team showed me last season when they came to an event in Houston


Several faces have changed but the team is still very competitive, fun to watch and even more importantly, the ones that I saw last year have gotten better and when you're still in middle school, progression is probable one of the most important things out there. Keylah Henry creates all over the court, nice pull up and midrange is definitely deadly. So much heat from Arraya Kirkland and Lexi Berryman I needed water and along with McKinley Terry powering inside, they bring it baseline to baseline

Raven McKinney's stop and pop ability along with just taking defenders coast to coast keeps getting better, love how she elevates over taller players for baskets. Bella Whitaker is athletic and she loves to rebound and does a good job of doing it, on both ends plus she's athletic and can defend inside and on the perimeter

Talking about athleticism, Kaila Kelley has all that and ten some as she leaps to the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet