Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NTX lets it REIGN #EliteHoopsShowcase

No ifs, ands or butts, if I get a roster early, I'm definitely checking your squad out if possible and the way PSA is set up, that meant multiple times for NTX Reign. Several of the talented players on this 2022 squad stood out, I truly got a kick out of Laila Grubbs almost immediately as she made the Tip Sheet this go round


Later in opening day action, Kylie Anderson went completely off on the offensive ends dropping 24, she's 5'9, keeps the ball high, has good hands and footwork and finishes but she understands a whole lot at this age which is great because with that being said her upside is definitely huge

Kaylee Hall explodes off the dribble, gets to the basket with ease and finishes while Olivia Tregalous also did a good job of not only attacking but finishing with contact. I can't wait to see these young ladies again, many of them already "get it" and can create their on shot, like Sophie Smith whose midrange was simply on point