Friday, May 12, 2017

SETX Power Elite #ClutchCityClassic

Okay if I said I didn't miss the green, I'd be, like I see a lot of other stuff flowing through social media, fabricating but I love the royal blue and SETX I was definitely glad to see you. This squad caught my eye last season, it was a couple of teams last year and although many faces are missing, I was glad to catch up with some of the ones that are still here. That explosive back-court of Jayda Arguman and Telia Jackson just bring so much heat on both ends as they can score and defend while Alison McGallion continues to elevate her game showing me even more on the offensive end than she did last season but the main thing about the trio pictured above along with talented Sydney Catt, is that they keep getting better which is what I want to see. Shaylee Sonnier was definitely a bright spot, she's one of many talented 8th graders (2021's) on the squad that is split down the middle, well almost, with 2020's and Kayla Merchant joined the trio pictured as she made on of my Tip Sheets


Emma Kethan, Emily Williamson  and Bailey Kahla have added even more offensively. well the same can be said for Natallee Smith and Karleigh Hensley but the thing I truly enjoyed more than anything about those young ladies is that they join Sonnier in the 2021 class, they played up, they competed and they're continuing to show progression as they get ready to enter high school which what this is all about.