Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Updated list for I-45 Shootout Showcase

One thing you need know about me is that I have no specific agenda, I don't play politics and I don't HYPE players, I leave that for some of the trainers, club coaches and parents but always remember that it doesn't matter what I say or don't say, or fact of the matter any other evaluator, cause they're popping up everywhere, worry about being offered a scholarship from a college because if you're out there playing in front of them and I think Alicia Keys song "You Don't Know My Name" fits the mode, well you have a problem.

'19 Myra Gordon and her sister '17 Lexi don't have that problem, Myra is one of the top 19s in the country and Lexi is finally getting her props after going off at USA trials but I told you what she was "all that she is" when she was in middle school so there it is, still calling it like it see it but more importantly still right. The Gordon sisters join several other talented players that have already committed for "Pass Tha Ball's " event, not mine,  and you can check out the list