Friday, August 7, 2015

2017 Becka Cammon shines #PrimeTimeNationals

Becka Cammon caught my eye last season via closed circuit TV, well video however I was impressed with her instincts, her frame and comprehension not to mention that fact that she was a lefty and could to the rim almost at will. She's added more to her game, that pull-up looks pretty good and the catching and shooting aspect has taken a jump but she ignite a break with a rebound, something she does well on both ends, either by going to coast to coast or an outlet

Perimeter defense also has improved, just by observing the various aspects of her game tells me she's putting in the work and comprehending what she's being taught, it's easy to see that when you implement in game situation, well if you know what you're looking at and I sort of know. Cannon was on point in the 10th grade championship game as she helped Teamwork Oklahoma to the title by scoring 16 points and grabbing 6 rebounds while also being named MVP

Here's the progression