Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lady Phenoms Jakeira Ford makes decision

One of the acronym's for FORD is Fixed Or Repaired Daily and after watching a talented Jakeira Ford for the first time many years ago, I saw greatness ahead. Whatever flaws she had in her game she worked hard to fix or repair daily which shows her work ethic, determination and mindset on proving naysayers wrong, not me, I know what I'm looking at. Ford is simply another of those talented Lady Phenom players I wrote about early and wound up making me look like I know what I'm talking about

Ford has made a decision to continue her academic and athletic career at UTEP and and I asked her what sold her on the Miners. "UTEP has been by my side since day one and EVERY summer game they were there supporting me"

I have her ranked among the top players in Texas as a mid to BCS lock and the things that she bring to the table will simply be a plus at the next level