Saturday, August 8, 2015

I-45 Shootout Showcase 2016 group

Pass Tha Ball gave this right name as in I-45 Shootout Showcase because it features several play I told you about that will venture off into the next level with me saying " I told you so" which unlike me, never gets old. Commitments from SA Islanders "Under The Radar" sharpshooter Alexia Torres is in as well as her tough as nails back-court Tara Molina

Also on hand are four players I have on my GPR Texas Top 20 Dorian Branch, Alyssa Okoebe, Jasmine Williams and Jaelyn Richard-Harris, the small in stature yet big in heart guard I told you was the best pure point guard from the area, maybe the state and after what she did in July, " I TOLD YOU SO"

September 6th at Lutheran North, more coming on each class