Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2016 Under The Radar breakdown coming

I would hate to be a college coach simply because I didn't like dealing with a lot of nonsense and with some of the emails floating from parents, club coaches, trainers on their "player" being "the best" at whatever position they play or they're better than this player that was Tweeted about who received an offer from ABC school simply is mind boggling to me

Then there are those who talk about their "connections" well I don't have connections, I have contacts because a connection, to me, means I can call a school and say "put this girl on your team" and they will, now that's a CONNECTION and I doubt seriously if that's happening but with the internet and the ability to use it, everyone has contact information or can get it on just about every college in the country

What separates me from the novice is that I actually get out and see tons of talented players, I know where the talent level was before the turn of the century and I'm able to give an HONEST evaluation on what I see, plus I have a daughter than won a National Championship and plays in the WNBA but it's more of the former than the latter on why I will always keep it real with no BS to go along with it

Madison Schenck is a D1 player, no doubt about that as well as many of the others on my 2016 Under The Radar group but the main thing is that all can play somewhere so I'll bring that you late today or early tomorrow