Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lake Houston Angels 2023 adds excitement to Rice Basketball Tournament

I had a chance to catch some talented players in MS and younger last weekend at Rice University's 2nd Annual Basketball Tournament, I'll revisit that with a Tip Sheet on some of players throughout the event later but Lake Houston Angels 2023 definitely had some promising players. Jayda Woods is definitely ahead of the game, she and Jade Williams are the lone 6th graders on the squad and will join Kaia Henry on Tip Sheet with other players from Katy Rebels and Cy Fair Elite in the MS Division as well as some of the even younger players I glanced at and that's coming up later

This picture sums it up with Laila Mouton battling Fiyin Adeleye ( Katy Rebels) who will also be on the Tip Sheet. Love Mouton's upside as she and Ava Cianciotto both showed they could hit the midrange. Matti McDaniel was injured early, I've heard a lot about her so I'm sure I'll catch her soon and while I'm talking about upside, J'Nyah Holman did some promising things and when you combine what she's doing now with her length and size, she is going to make some noise along with Brinn Rhodes  who gets after it

Ameria Castillo is a baseline to baseline player, she's been bringing heat since I saw her for the very first time and I'm definitely enjoying watching her midrange game especially since she's creating her own shot in traffic. This young squad has some talented players on the verge of breaking out. I've seen Amaya Dubose and Kira Zaruba before and observed their progression along the way while Elizabeth Brown is shooting the mid and long range well. Again, this team has some up and coming talent, the main thing is to continue to work and with the mindset I picked up on from the squad, I'm sure they will