Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2018 SkilledUp Evaluation Combine MS Ballers were more than ready to perform

This was a solid event across the board, the younger kids came from all over town as well as from down I-10 West from Katy to Austin to San Antonio to showcase their skills at Lutheran North. Many of these young ladies have already given me the opportunity to observe them and for a few others, this was my initial sighting and what I'm always looking for is progression and many of them are already making big jumps in a short amount of time. I picked 14 of the top players for the Tip Sheet, you can check that out right here

Let me drop a little on some of the other MS players that are already showing promise


Khady Samb- love her size, she's just under 6'0, as well as her wingspan but upside is definitely there as she has good timing, alters shots, runs floor well and rebounds

Amanda Crowninshield- definitely a #sizedontmatter guard, she's heady, understands the game very well and can take over with flair. Scores off dribble or drops them from another time zone

Taylor Howard- has made adjustment from being a back to the basket player to one that can not only score from the outside but defend on the perimeter. Rebounds on both ends and can handle ball

Kori Neal-relentless defender, good handle and nice midrange shooter but on top of all that, she keeps coming at you

Skyler Tabeb- two things she did over and over thatb I love and one is a nice pull-up that she can nail on the money and she plays passing lane

Mia Grace Thompson- has a knack for getting to the rim from multiple angles which is only superseded by her ability to finish over and over with contact

Belica Martinez- had one of the best step backs at the combine, creates her shot well under pressure, gets to the basket and anticipates well on defense


Mackenzie Johnson- the jump she's made in a few weeks has my head spinning. She gets it and she's giving back and when your comprehension is there, everything will fall int place when you apply it and she is 

Kaitlyn Evans- athleticism bursting out, huge upside, she anticipates, has a nice first step, is long  and is showing a variety of offensive weapons already

Macy Spencer- another young lady that understands the benefits of playing the passing lane and her desire to want the ball as well as defend are thing you can't teach

Lyric Barr- the words are there and the bar will be raised as I played on words using her name but with size, length and strength on the table already, other things are shaping up to be set

Kiyah Tarver- showing signs of being an explosive player, reacts well on both ends, recovers well on defends and can get to the basket

Shavani Sancho- very athletic is a good thing especially when you know how to use it and she does. Gets to the basket with ease and finishes, her length gives her options, many options


Asia Waddell- I love young players that think the game and use whatever to their advantage and usually having an older sister enables you to observe older players as your game begins to develop so her BB-IQ , her "never quit" mindset and that drop step she showed me tells me a lot already, huge upside