Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lot's of firsts for 2018 Regional Semifinals

I know many don't keep up with history and just go with the flow on what they hear and although it irritates me it also enables me to have a platform to go off which always pleases me so I tweeted awhile back after reading about Jersey Village being put on the map this year being totally incorrect because they were once one of the teams you had to go through to get to Austin so I'm assuming since the state tournament is now in San Antonio, they were talking about the map heading that way so okay, I get it now, well actually I don't but one more time


What is true is that Jersey Village is the ONLY team that has made it to the Regional semifinals and they match up against Summer Creek at 6pm on Friday, followed by Atascocita and Cy Creek at 7:30, all of this in Katy at the Merrell Center which means 2 things, Orleans and Katy Mills but another two things it means is I don't recall two teams with two freshmen playing major roles in their teams making it to this stage, Jersey Village with Briana Peguero and Gia Adams who have gone completely off in multiple games, Peguero was HUGE last night , plus Jersey Village has two sets of, you got it, TWINS, seniors Kyla and Jade Collins and juniors Kaylynne and Kayleigh who in the 5th grade I said, you already know

I guess Cy Creek's freshmen duo of Kyndall Hunter and Rori Harmon were in the 5th grade as well when I first saw them play and usually in a couple I can tell, that's minutes, not games but let me say this, both are beyond their years as far as basketball talent and knowledge of the game, their explosiveness and ability to make teammates better is one of the main reasons why they're here but Creek got a big lift from their reserves, otherwise they may have been up the Langham Creek in that overtime thriller. I'm telling you, this was as close to what it used to be as I've seen all season and if you weren't around or knew what you were looking at, there's really no need to respond but the game has definitely changed as a whole and it was refreshing to say the least to see some real action so I can't wait