Friday, February 23, 2018

Final Four Friday is here for 2018

I could've chosen a better picture however months ago after witnessing no apparent favorite however and this is documented with the phrase "double digit teams have a chance to win REGION" as well as "the most wide open REGION I've seen" so your top conference drops two #4 seeds in the Elite 8, that sort of tells you something right? Not exactly because in this roller coaster season of girl's basketball where anything could happen, it has somewhat with three teams, Atascocita, Summer Creek and Cy Creek, making it to the regional semifinals for the first time in history, not the first time that's happened because it was the first time for all 4 were it was initiated and hopefully you caught that

Jersey Village has been in this position with Nina Norman and Coco Reed, both starred at Texas, Norman was the first McDonald's All American from here, played in inaugural girl's game, yeah I've said it before but I say a lot of things that are missed yet come right back at ya to fall into that "I told you so" category so I guess the question is who will win. Jersey Village is capable of getting out of here but so are the other three and although I haven't seen Summer Creek, never count ANY SC out no matter what and that definitely is a fact so  Merrell Center action starts tonight at 6pm