Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Few surprises after opening round in R-3 6A

I guess everyone wants parity in sports, it makes in interesting and if you want to spin that as what the game has become, well there you go however I don't look at it that way and we'll revisit that later but there was definitely no surprise at at D-17 sweeping D-18 in the opening round, Cy Fair has been one of if not the toughest district in the area most of this century, I ain't just start saying that, it's documented over and over and over

I guess the question is will they have two teams representing the district in the Regional semifinals, that could be interesting because both Cy Ranch and Jersey Village have tougher games to get there than probably Cy Creek and Langham Creek but with Alvin defeating Pearland, although unlikely, it's possible they won't even have a team in the seimi's but again that's unlikely. I said there were double digit teams capable of winning R-3 6A so out of the 16 left, I still feel that the upsets are not over