Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lady Pumas Select #I10LiveShowcase

Love to see Louisiana squads because more times that not, I'll be in for a treat even if they roll in down I-10 with boudin or cracklin for me but I'm going to drop this on Lady Pumas anyway, next time I'm expecting a treat though, I'm serious. I was serious about Bereionne Woods four years ago when I caught her in New Orleans in a tournament along with several other can't misses on their squad and just like I called it, all have committed somewhere and even though Woods is a year behind, she too will land on her feet but right now she'll land on my tip sheet which will be on my website later today or tonight or early tomorrow but she'll be on it


Ja' Kai Randall had a solid performance in the paint, I definitely loved watching Aujelyn Davis get to the basket, Cierra Cockerham showed a nice midrange game while the energy from Bria Neal was hot baseline to baseline but it din't stop there. Takelia Smith and Lindsey Lovecchio didn't let up when they came in,  Ahjah Yunusah is another force inside to be reckoned with. Terris McKay definitely is exciting, nice spin move in traffic but I love guards with poise and she has that along with the ability to attack the basket and finish but I ain't finished. Jaleah Lafargue left me speechless and seeing that she's a 2020, I ain't talking at all. Athletic, gets to the basket at will, finishes, jumps out the gym and huge upside