Monday, July 31, 2017

BTR wins 3RD Grade Division at 2017 Prime Time Nationals

I love watching young talent on on Friday's during Prime Time Nationals, I spend the whole day watching those in elementary school as well as some just entering middle school to get a glimpse of future stars of tomorrow and Below The Rim definitely have some in their organization. I had an up close look for an extended amount of time at the 3RD grade group which took home the championship on Friday and this is what I saw from the group. Eniyah Holmes already gets it, she handles the ball under pressure and attacks the basket under control. Loved the energy from Brennen Bert and Vyctorius Jackson as well as Aniyah Davis who just brought plenty of heat all game

Jayla Constant is already splitting defenders and when you can handle the ball, again under control and do this at this age, you're way ahead of the game but athleticism and knowledge runs rampant Makiya Moore and Cobe Adamson definitely fit that description while Essence Curry reminds me of a player from down here from way back with the same ;last name, Ashley Curry because she's already posed on the floor and goes hard baseline to baseline throughout the game.This was definitely a fun group to watch , I truly appreciate getting the roster information ahead of time because there was some serious talent in the younger age groups and this squad definitely has some players

 I keep thinking about Deandra Minor's footwork on defense, you can't teach that and she will create problems just on that alone throughout her career and let me close with those, I don't know if DaNae Jefferson is related to George but she will definitely be "movin on up" because her upside and potential is unlimited. She already has size, that's a plus, trust me and she anticipates where to be defense, she plays the passing lane, she creates her own shot and she goes after every rebound. Hopefully I spelled everyone's name correctly so when other "Christopher Columbus' folks" say  they discovered you, we can come right back to this and I love nothing more than to say I told you so