Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Westside primed for a 2018 run

Let me say this about Westside and I can attest to this, they simply keep finding ways to be in the mix. One of the most defense oriented teams this century, they simply keep coming at you. With no seniors in their starting line-up, be ready for their Big Three of Stephanie Gregory, Jessica Soders and Jordan Lewis as well as Kayla Picnson and Yasmine Arogunjo

Talk about making a good first impression, this was my first time seeing Lewis and her energy, ability to get to the rim and just score multiple ways certainly will compliment what I already knew that Gregory and Soders brought to the table after watching them over the past 3 or 4 seasons

Big upside for 6'2 freshman Fatou Samb, the finished product isn't there however she showed flashes that I know can definitely take her to a different level but the Wolves should be in the mix and I'm not plugging them because my daughter graduated from there, just keeping it real