Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tigers are losing Rowe but others ready to go

I said this when she dropped 40 plus in the 9th grade, no I didn't, I said she was one of the top players in Texas when  caught her playing in a Prime Time Tournament with Katy Rebels Poth read more  I don't fabricate stories about talent, I said she was a name you would want to remember and also one I wouldn't forget and she is definitely one of the states top prospects and she'll do very well at Abilene Christian

This a team you want to keep an eye next season, Cassidy Howard and Savannah May caught my eye a few seasons ago as well as Cait Calland, all are from the 2019 class and they'll be ready to step up and replace the huge losses from Rowe and Kelley Skinner graduating. Keep an eye on Amari Layeni as well, her improvement and desire on tthe inside should help make it interesting next season