Sunday, February 26, 2017

Clear Springs and Dekaney come up short however

All I can say is that yesterdays Region 3 final between Clear Springs and Cy Ranch was definitely one of the most exciting I've seen since I've been watching them and I've been watching them for around 20 years. The Chargers came up a little short however a couple of their players, Tasharian Robinson (UTSA) and Sierra Cheatham (Tulane), have been giving me highlights and memories since they were in middle school when I said both were D1 prospects.

I hear people saying that you shouldn't say that about kids that young and I agree, you shouldn't if you don't know what you're talking about however my record speaks for itself and one more time, I haven't been wrong yet in fact, almost 5 years ago I said this about Robinson


I didn't see Jasmine Smith (Dekaney) in the 5th grade but I saw her as a 7th grader with the Cy Fair Heat. You see the hardware she already picked up two years prior, playing in a boy's league at that, and when I saw her length, wingspan combined with her athleticism, well I knew everything would fall into place as she helped lead Dekaney to state last season and was one away this season but 2017 was and will always be special because when I saw all of these kids back in 2012 or prior as well as the tons of other ones, well once I again I know

Smith will be announcing her decision in the near future on where she'll be playing but remember if I call it, there will be an answer and these young ladies are among the many that makes me look like a basketball genius, thanks for the memories