Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playoff Brackets and Elite 8 Predictions

This time of year, I love going back to my preseason picks to see just how clear that crystal ball was. Christin Inman's seasons of nagging injuries doomed Seven Lakes in district. Cy Falls let the bombs fly all season, but they also showed that could win other ways as well and not rely primarily on the three ball. Breaux showed what a great player can do for a team. The "Taz" has been up and down at times, however this is the time that being up counts. What can I say about Brooke McCarty's presence? "The game starts at the one". She and move-in Courtney Latham have elevated a team that was going to win district to a team that may be headed to state

Preseason link

I also spoke about a surprise team that has a chance to make some noise in the playoffs, Klein Forest. Most high school teams would be happy to have one freshman come in and make a difference, KF had three freshmen provide quality work on the floor and take them to a land never before seen, well actually two lands. First, a winning season and second, the playoffs.


I guess the team that surprised me the most, in a positive way, was Katy Taylor. Not many teams can say they knocked off two #1 ranked teams in the same season, The Tower and The Taz and another Top Ten team, Elsik. By that same token, they've been surprised, a three point loss in district to Memorial, their lone blemish in district.



I didn't find a list on where all of the games are being played, I sent an email and of course no response, but the games are listed in the above link. Monday and Tuesday @ Coleman will feature the HISD vs Katy districts.