Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakdowns to F4 in R2 and R3 plus All Greater Houston thoughts

Here are the schedules for Region 2 & 3 5A, plus Region 3 4A

Georgetown vs Atascocita-Bryan HS, Tuesday 6pm
Pflugerville vs The Woodlands-A&M Consolidated HS, Tuesday 7pm

After you leave there, head over to Reed and catch the Aggies play Texas Tech who just knocked off #1 Baylor this weekend and will attempt to do the same to A&M.

I also broke the 5A games down on GPR just for fun along with 9 of the 11 that I thought would be playing at this time still are. The teams I have listed first are the ones I believe that will advance but to be honest with you, in the season of surprises, the teams listed second could easily be the winners as well.

The Chronicle will be coming up with their top 15 players and I've always said that that 5A should be seperated from 4A and Private Schools because of the level of competition and the number of schools in the area. I would have 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams along with HB in 5A and the top 10 or 15 under OTHERS. I see that Twitter is being used by them more effectively to get the scores out, an idea I wrote about before the season and implemented both on here and the GPR website, so I'll pat myself on the back for that one, it's hard to be humble. Getting more kids on the AGH teams is something they won't do, maybe because I thought of it first, but it is the right thing to do.

Yolanda Levine, sport editor of the Forward Times, compiled a list of talented kids to watch in the postseason and a case could be made for many of them to be on the All Greater Houston squads, here's the list, however when you look at other deserving players, like Katy Taylor's Amanda Jungwirth, Taylor Schippers at Concordia, McDonalds All American Amber Orrange at Westbury Christian and Briana Turner, also at WC and also a future MDAA, you have to wonder how this works.

Me whining on a blog and complaining means nothing to the higher ups, but again it’s logical and it’s the right thing to do. Parents and coaches, write the reporters and cc every editor if you want to see things change, because seriously some of it is a joke that isn't funny.