Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Biggest Upset so far-Cy Woods over Bellaire

I would have lost big on this one, seriously and in the season of surprises, Camille Willaims has just that for Cy Woods and Coach Virginia Flores. The ironic part is that I have ties to both, well sort of. Camille plays on our club team and I always want to see our kids compete and do well. The next one is sort of tricky. Coach Flores husband's uncle and I started playing ball together eons ago

Chelsi Grimes is listed at 5', however I question that. Whatever her height is, pound for pound, inch for inch, no one has more heart than this kid and running the point for a team that has made it to the Elite 8 against some of the competitive teams they have gone against shows her value

 Jennifer Nash is a senior and is known as one of the top long range shooters in the area. Her mere presence on the court is major to the Wildcats success and this has got to be one of her biggest accomplishments to date. I wrote about this Nicholls State signeee a few months ago and if you missed it, check it out


Jourdan Hicks and Audrey Garcia have had ourstanding seasons as well, Hicks has been tough on the boards every time I've seen them while Garcia's offense has taken a lot of pressure off of Nash

What can I say about Olivia? Following superstar sisters is no easy task, however I have been watching this kids progression since she was around 10 and her name is not what will take her to the next level. Hard work and determination is something all players should strive for and Olivia has just that. Althoigh still in middle school, Erica is doing something her older sisters didn't and that's run the point. She also appears to have grown everytime I see her, so being a 6'2 point guard may be in the future. I love watching Bellaire, they're one of my favorite teams and I AJ is one of my top ranked players from the Class of 2013, but it just wasn't in the CARDS!