Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rankings, Scouting Service, Club Ball, etc

It's always been important to me to see kids multiple times and to try and be as accurate as possible. With things spread out all over the city and only one of me, I can't see everyone all of the time. I plan on working with both Cedric LaFleur, Cy Fair Texans, and Al Coleman, Cy Fair Shock, to try and see as many young ladies as possible since they have the two largest organizations in the area, along with many of the other clubs in and out of the city who have and continue to support us. I will also cover events outside of Houston like Joey Simmons Premier Basketball and Kelvin Powells Basketball On The Bayou.

The Insiders are hosting a couple of tournaments, one on March 25-27 and the other May 13-15 and I'll be there for sure, from sunup to sundown. I'll compile a Top 40 and "Best of the Rest" for 2012 which will be updated throughout the season until the July events, along with the top Rising Stars from 2013 down to 2017 and younger

I also plan on doing some evaluation camps for the younger kids, which will include a personal breakdown on what they need to work on, what their pluses are, etc, etc, etc. Feel free to email me any information on players or if you have any questions regarding my consulting services, I am at your disposal. The worse thing you can do is wait until the last minute to understand how this stuff truly works. We had 20 kids sign early and probably another 20 will sign in April, do the math on how many play at the next level, NCAA Stats , and learn how the game is really played from someone who actually knows.