Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unsigned, Sealed or Delivered YET-Elsik's Big Three

All have been starters on varsity since their freshmen season. They have never lost a game during district play. They will win over 100 games before they graduate from high school and they beat teams they were not supposed to on a consistent basis last season. Who are they? Your reigning Region 3 Champion Elsik Rams go to players or the name I love calling them by, The Big Three

Back to back Chronicle All Greater Houston player Akunna Elonu was simply unstoppable on Saturday as she scored at will, keeping Elsik close with Cy Falls early in the ball game and at one point had more points than the Hightower team, she scored her 20th point in the third quarter, at the time the Hurricanes had only 19. If Elonu sounds familiar it's because her brother played and a sister plays at Texas A&M, she also has another sister playing collegiate ball. We're talking Levi's, it's in the genes!

Crystal Porter, also a back to back Chronicle All Greater Houston player who, in my honest opinion, if was a couple of inches taller, would have been gone a long time ago. Check the archives out during the Rams playoff run to state last season and remember one of my favorite saying, it's not what you do, it's who you do it against as she battled MDAA's Courtney Williams and Crystal Fortham during the run. In case you can't find the archives, trust me, the kid is legit

Jasmine Ocanas, yeah I know, she doesn't look like a basketball player, too nice right? Wrong, she is one of the top point  guards in her class, can hit the long ball, sees the floor well and has been a Chronicle All Greater Houston player. Two things sum it up about her.

1. Elsik went to state last season
2. Ocanas runs the point!

One more time, the game starts where? At the ONE!!!!!!!!