Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Ariel Elzie makes decision #GPRUnderTheRadar

Sometimes people get the misconception on what can and can’t be done and even though Ariel Elzie did not play her senior season in high school, based on what I had seen from the young lady over the past four seasons, I knew the next level wouldn’t be a problem. First of all, she’s 6’3, has good hand and nice footwork, plus she rebounded on both ends and passed well from the post position. On top of all of that, she has excellent timing so again, this was definitely going to happen and I asked her why she chose Allen Community College out of the double digit offers that popped up since we got started on the process a few weeks ago.

“I signed with Allen because I fell in love with the coaching staff and I think what Coach Todd Buchanan has to offer and with his background and basketball history, that will really help me not only become a better player but to also help me get to the next level “

I couldn’t agree more, Coach Buchanan and I go way back and I know this was definitely a perfect fit