Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 #IronSharpensIron MS action hot and heavy

Iron Sharpens Iron was another exciting event put on by PassThaBall and one thing I know is when the ball is passed, you need to be able to catch it and I caught something on every player in attendance and even some of the fans who I hadn't seen in ages. If you don't follow me on Twitter and or Instagram, now might be a good time because I'll be tweeting those pictures out on each player with a little twist so I'm giving you a heads up now

Speaking of heads up, I was even more impressed with Tyanna Herron and Amina Muhammad, as well as Breanna Davis who I just saw a week ago as well as Laila McCleod who I caught in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago, this time around she made the Tip Sheet along with 13 others however since NO ONE does what I do, check me out on Twitter and Instagram as I drop it like its hot all day from MS session

#IronSharpensIron Tip Sheet