Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sandra Meadows-Temple's Chapel Still Growing


After watching Temple play last season in the HISD Tournament, I dubbed them the "Temple of Doom", this is where sound effects like saying that with heavy bass followed by a BONG would come in handy but nevertheless opponents felt their heavy bass and felt like a BONG had hit their heads after facing their uptempo style of play. Fast forward to this season, they are still a very good team however a major player moved to Houston, Loryn Goodwin, and has helped her new team, Cy Falls, to emerge as one of the early favorites to represent R3 in Austin

Losing Goodwin was a big blow however Temple is still bringing havoc on the court against opponents and Katera Chapel is a big reason why. I first noticed her a couple of summers ago playing with Austin Elite and as the title says, she has grown, not only in height, where the junior is now a shade above 6'1, but her game as well and by her averaging a double-double during the event, she earned a spot on the Sandra Meadows All Tournament team

There are several talented players on this team in addition to Chapel such as Rikeya Johnson, Jazzmen Ortiz and Alyssa Jones to name a few and their 42-32 loss to state contender Desoto in the finals of the Silver Bracket shows how close they are