Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moussa huge in Rice victory over TSU

To say Reem Moussa was #AutoAwesome is definitely putting it mildly as she came up huge last night against Texas Southern University. Moussa almost had a double-double with 13 points and 8 assists however after a rough start, she helped settle her team down and made some huge plays from the one spot and the game starts where?

I was impressed with both squads, TSU has some high powered offensive threats including former area standout Jazz Parker. I tweeted Sarah Williams spin moves were better than some guys I've seen that get oohs and aahs but I really, really liked Alexus Johnson for a number a reasons. First she's 6'2, secondly she's a freshman and a undoubtedly a huge pickup for the Tigers because she's definitely a BCS player

Speaking of freshmen Breion Allen and Jasmine Goodwine are going to do well in the Rice system, both paid huge dividends during the game and another freshman I know all too well, Maya Hawkis, is simply going to be a force to be reckoned with. Jessica Kuster finished with a double-double while Christal Porter came close to doing the same, both teams kept me focused for minutes

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There is no excuse to not go out and support our college teams, this was some very good basketball and for the majority of high school ball players, no matter how good you think you are, you need to go and see what good is at the next level