Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NTX Elite 2022 has plenty of bright stars #MarchFest

I never want anyone to get the misconception that their time is more important than mine because in my world it definitely so I made sure to go and catch NTX Elite 2022 since Coach Gatewood was gracious enough to send me his roster and II certainly was glad he did because he has some players on that squad. Due to time constraints, I was only able to catch a half but I saw a whole lot so her you go. Samaya Smith just made my Battle at the Hive the previous week playing for the Arkansas Mavericks so I had a glimpse of what she could do already however this time around, more intensity from the talented 6'2 8th grader and I loved how she was playing the passing lane because with her wing-span and athleticism, this young lady could definitely go to another stratosphere

Tionna Herron is 6'3, unlimited potential and she already gets it but she has good timing which enables her to altar and, or block shots and when you add good footwork and hands, she too has a very bright future. Madison Crandall is a big guard, 5'9, with unlimited range. I've tweeted about her a few times when I caught her, I think the first time was 3 years ago and I love how she continues to progress. This team had several players I was trying to figure out who I'd put on the Tip Sheet but Amina Muhammad did so much in the short span that she gets the nod and you can catch that probably tomorrow as I drop the Day 2 Tip Sheet from March Fest

Jamia Harris brought so much energy that I got tired, okay I was already tired but she simply goes hard every play and that in itself will carry her a long way however she also has a "stroke" and her ability to not only create her shot but deliver consistently tells me something already. Then we have Mikayla Gatewood who just left me speechless watching her in the open court. She attacks from any angle on the court and finishes strong, with contact. Nice form on her shot, saw the midrange and defense but her BB-IQ is as strong as her ability to run a team which she did extremely well